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A published toolkit
The Schools Broadband Working Group has been looking at future options for schools as the present broadband contract comes to a natural end on 31st October 2012. The group has published a document titled “Schools Broadband connectivity and services – Toolkit”, which is available to use whilst you are making your decision about your future broadband services. This will be helpful whether you intend to procure services from the range of providers in the new embc framework or from other providers at the end of the existing contract. We suggest that you download a copy as it has sections for you to fill in as you work through your requirements. The document can be found here and on a number of other school websites.

Schools Broadband Connectivity and Services - Toolkit

Group members may also be emailing the toolkit to their representative groups.

Information from embc - a note for your diary
embc has sent a newsletter to schools advising on the regional events, where schools can find out about the offerings from the providers in their new framework. Look out for details of the Northamptonshire event on 27th January at the Northamptonshire Cricket Ground with sessions starting at 1.00pm and 4.00pm.
Contacting the Schools Broadband Working Group
Further newsletters will be available via the factsheet.

Alastair Akehurst
The Duston School
Chair of the Schools Broadband working group.

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