Curriculum & Timetable Information

Our Vision:

The philosophy of The Duston School is that each student is entitled to a curriculum that prepares them for life’s opportunities, responsibilities and experiences. Our curriculum is designed to enable each individual to develop their maximum potential through stimulating and challenging pathways and by carefully monitoring each student’s social and academic progress. We believe that every student is capable of excellence and encourage each student to push themselves to achieve their potential. 

Fundamental British Values at The Duston School:

Throughout our curriculum and ethos we aim to promote fundamental British values within all aspects of The Duston School. We expect individuals associated with our school to aim to adhere and respect these values which unite us all regardless of faith, ethnicity, culture or beliefs.

The government set out its definition of British values in the 2011 ‘Prevent Strategy’ – values of;

·       Democracy

·       Rule of law

·       Individual liberty

·       Mutual respect and tolerance of different faiths and beliefs

We uphold the values of tolerance, equality, respect, co-operation, responsibility, compassion and democracy through the school’s RESPECT agenda. These values are taught throughout the curriculum but we ensure that they are embedded through a variety of forums; assemblies, whole school themed weeks, positive behaviours, charity work and student voice.

We have high aspiration for all of our pupils regardless of backgrounds, individual skills and talents. We believe that our pupils can contribute positively to the future as a responsible, confident and skilled learner with a desire to play an active role in society.


Key Stage 3

All students study the core curriculum which includes English, Mathematics, Science, Physical Education, History, Geography, ICT and Global Education. 

All students follow a two week timetable where each lesson is 60 minutes long.

*1 Creative based subjects (Art, Catering, Graphics, Music, Resistant Materials and Textiles) are taught in a 6 week carousel, this enables students to sample all of the creative disciplines.

*2 The enrichment block consists of a variety of subjects including Sports Leader, Duke of Edinburgh, Dance Chorography, Cake Decorating, Theatre Production, Ukulele and Aerospace.


Year 9

In Year 9, students’ trial a total of 8 subjects over the period of September to Easter and then use this to make informed decisions regarding their GCSE choices.

From Easter, students then begin to study these GCSEs. In addition all students study GCSE Citizenship as a 3 year course.

Year 9 option blocks


Key Stage 4

The Key Stage Four curriculum has been designed to give every pupil the opportunity to achieve their full potential and to maximise the choices available at Sixth Form.

In Key Stage 4 all students follow the core subjects of GCSE English, Mathematics, and Science. In addition all pupils participate in core PE and Citizenship. 

Year 10 option blocks


Year 11 option blocks


Key Stage 5

Each Sixth Form student has their own specific goal and ambition and we ensure that each student has a personalised curriculum that meets their individual requirements. Students choose from a diverse range of qualifications so that they are able to participate in challenging and enjoyable courses.

In addition all Sixth Form students undertake an enrichment option in order to extend their skills and prepare them for university and later life through a Horizons programme. Students can also choose to extend their skill portfolio with a range of options including Level 3 Sports Leader course or Extended Project Qualification. Students who have yet to secure a 4 grade in GCSE English or Maths are required to resit these examinations to ensure success.