·         To stimulate a wonder and interest about the world, places and the people within it. 

·         To encourage pupils to have open, enquiring minds and to become independent learners.

·         To provide stimulating and varied learning experiences that allows students to gain access to the geography curriculum.



Ms C Raymond - Teacher of PE and Dance

Ms C Furnis – Teacher of Drama and Dance/Assistant Principal

Mrs G Freeman - Teacher of PE


Overview of KS3 Dance

Year 7 and 8


We offer a balanced creative curriculum which provides students with opportunities to explore and develop their skills in Performance, Choreography, and Assessment. Over 2 years pupils follow 6 term long units on the following topic areas:


Year 7    Unit 1. Conflict and Resolution         Unit 2. Dance by Chance                    Unit 3. Dance Styles


Year 8    Unit 1. Physical Theatre                     Unit 2. Contemporary Dance            Unit 3. Street Dance



Year 9 Arts  Award – Bronze


Young people take an active part in the arts as well as experiencing the arts as audience members. They research the work of an artist/craftsperson and share their skills with others. They create personal arts portfolios to record their experiences in a format of their choice.


It is a level 1 qualification on the QCF.


Course content: Unit 1


                A: Take part in the arts

                B: Review an arts event

                C: Research an artist or craftsperson

                D: Pass on your arts skills to others



To pass the Bronze, young people should create a portfolio/arts log that records their planning and progress and demonstrates all the evidence required for each section of unit 1.

This evidence provides the basis for assessment and should also demonstrate that the young person is working at QCF Level 1 standard in the following areas:


                i   Art form knowledge and understanding

                ii  Creativity

                iii Communication


Overview of KS4

Exam Board: AQA

There are 4 main elements of the GCSE Dance course:

Unit 1: Critical Appreciation - Written paper – 1 hour exam worth 20% of total marks

Unit 2: Set Dance - taught by teacher and externally assessed worth 20% of total marks

Unit 3: Duo/Group Performance – relating to a professional work with three clear links worth 20% of total marks

Unit 4: Choreography – worth 40% of total marks

4a: Composition 15% - Students select 3 motifs from one of the set works and develop to create a solo composition

4b: Choreography 25% - Students choreograph their own solo


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