·         To stimulate a wonder and interest about the world, places and the people within it. 

·         To encourage pupils to have open, enquiring minds and to become independent learners.

·         To provide stimulating and varied learning experiences that allows students to gain access to the geography curriculum.



Mrs B de-Wit – Lead Teacher of Geography/Assistant Director of World Studies

Mr N Owen – Teacher of Geography

Mrs S Malia  - Teacher of Geography/HOY 7

Mrs N Adams – Teacher of Geography/Assistant Head

Miss F Old – Teacher of Geography

Miss M Tucker – Teacher of Geography


Overview of KS3 Geography

Geography (4 or 5 lessons a fortnight depending on year group)

Geography develops pupils’ to have an inquisitive mind, and to continually question events that are unfolding in society and the world today, with a growing interest in key areas such as climate change, migration,  changing landscapes and global inequalities.

Geography enables pupils to look at issues on a variety of scales and how our human and physical landscapes develop and inter-relate, and what this means for the future.


Overview of KS4 Geography

Exam Board: AQA A

There are 3 main elements of the GCSE Geography course:

Unit 1: Physical Geography (Rivers, tectonics and coasts) – 1 hour 30 minute exam worth 37.5% of GCSE grade

Unit 2: Human Geography (Population, tourism and the development gap) – 1 hour 30 minute exam worth 37.5% of GCSE grade

Unit 3: Controlled assessment – Rivers – worth 25% of GSCE grade


Overview of KS5 Geography

Exam Board: AQA

There are 2 main elements of the A-level Geography course:

Unit 1: Physical and Human Geography (Rivers, coasts, population and health issues) – 2 hour written exam worth 70% of AS grade, 36% of A Level.

Unit 2: Geographical skills - 50% of AS grade – 1 hour written exam worth 30% of the AS and 15% of A Level.

Unit 3: Contemporary Geographical Issues – 2 hour 30 minute exam worth 30% of A Level

Unit 4: Geography Fieldwork Investigation – 1 hour 30 minute exam worth 20% of A Level