The Duston Education Trust Members (TDET)

Ros Clayton (Chair), Joe McCann (Vice Chair), Glenn Daly


TDS Governors

Ros Clayton (Chair), Glenn Daly (Joint Vice Chair), Brenda Bignold (Joint Vice Chair), Fiona Cole, Sam Strickland, Gabrielle Knowlton-Maile, John Murray, Diane Stewart, Elizibeth Wilson and Maria Deacon-Viney

Clerk: Claire Beck



The Governing Body have 3 committees, with the following membership:

Well- Being Committee

Diane Stewart (Chair)

Ros Clayton

John Murray


Resources and Audit Committee

Glenn Daly (Chair)

Ros Clayton

Fiona Cole

Elizabeth Wilson


Progress and Achievement Committee

Brenda Bignold (Chair)

Ros Clayton

Glenn Daly

Maria Deacon-Viney

Gabrielle Knowlton-Maile


Governance Documents

Register of Business and Pecuniary Interests for Members and Directors of TDET April 2017

Members and Governors Meeting Attendance Record 2015 16


Articles of Association

Deed of Novation and Variation of SFA executed by AET

Governors’ Report and Financial Statements for the Period Ended 31 August 2016 

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