·         To grow a deep knowledge of key British and international historical events

·         To develop a competent use of key historical skills

·         To encourage pupils to have open, enquiring minds and to become independent learners

·         To deliver academically rigorous lessons for all classes, which maintain the ‘awe and wonder’ of History

·         To help pupils to appreciate the quality of life in the modern age

·         To foster strong British values via the study of Britain’s role in the past



Mr L Simonds – Lead Teacher of History

Mr P Kouzaris – Teacher of History

Mr S Elliott– Teacher of History/HOY 11

Mr M Exley – Teacher of History

Mrs N Weston - Teacher of History/Assistant Head

Mr A Barton – Teacher of History/Cover supervisor


Overview of KS3 History


To adequately prepare pupils for the academic demands of GCSE History.


To develop pupils ability to use key historical skills. Including but not limited to; change and continuity, cause and consequence, source skills, historical interpretations, historical significance, chronology.



Year 7 – History Skills, Normans/Middle Ages, Tudors & Stuarts, The English Civil War, The American War of Independence, Slavery

Year 8 – Industrial Revolution, World War One, Interwar years, World War Two, The Holocaust, Road to British Democracy

Year 9 – Jack the Ripper, American West, USA in the 20th Century, Mao’s China



Overview of KS4 History

Exam Board: Edexcel – History A


There are four main elements of the GCSE History course. All are equally valued at 25% of the course.


Unit 1: International Relations: The Era of the Cold 1943 - 1991– 1 hour 15 minute exam

Unit 2: Germany 1918-1939 – 1 hour 15 minute exam

Unit 3: War and the transformation of British society c1931–51 (Source skills) – 1 hour 15 minute exam  

Unit 4: Controlled assessment – Vietnam War – Completion of three pieces of controlled assessment in class


Overview of KS5 History

Exam Board: Edexcel


There are 4 main elements of the A-level History course:


Unit 1: Germany and West Germany 1918 – 89 – 30% of A level. 2 hours 15 minute exam

Unit 2: The Rise and Fall of Fascism in Italy 1911-46– 20% of the A level. 1 hour 30 minute exam

Unit 3: Rebellion and disorder under the Tudors, 1485 - 1603– 30% of the A level. 2 hours 15 minute exam

Unit 4: Coursework –20% of the A level. Completion of two pieces of coursework