Home School Agreement

The success of our pupils is based on a positive attitude and successful collaboration between parents, pupils and the school. We want the very best for our pupils.  We want all of them to achieve their potential, whether by staying on into Sixth Form, going on to college placements or taking up an apprenticeship scheme. To achieve this, we have a ‘Home School Agreement’ that summaries the basic things that all partners – the school, pupils and parents – need to do to ensure success. Parents and pupils are asked to sign two copies of the Home-School Agreement, to keep one copy at home as a reference and complete one copy for the school’s reference. The Home-School agreement is based on our school’s aims and values, through which we enable our pupils to achieve success, develop a love of learning, become active citizens, understand the social and moral issues that affect us today and be prepared for the responsibilities and opportunities of adult life and the world of work.

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