The Duston Education Trust - Important Announcement

“The Duston Education Trust is delighted that The Duston School achieved its 2nd Outstanding Ofsted rating in February 2016 and that this has given the school and the Trust a firm foundation on which further successes and future growth can be achieved.  The Trustees and Governing Body recognise the pivotal role the Executive Principal, Jane Herriman, has played, working in partnership with staff, parents and students, to achieve this success. 

In response to this, and Jane’s most recent work as a National Leader of Education and in supporting other schools nationally, Jane has asked to be released from her role as Executive Principal in order to be able to pursue new opportunities. 

The Trustees and Governing Body would like to thank Jane for her determination, tenacity and drive which have led the school through an impressive transformation over the past 11 years - from special measures to outstanding. This has been achieved through her relentless pursuit of excellence in all areas and in particular in ensuring the provision of the best education for all students. 

The Duston Education Trust and the Governing Body wish Jane success in whatever direction her career takes her. Plans will now be made for the future leadership of The Duston School. Meanwhile the school continues to work as normal, under the capable management of the School Leadership Team, supported as always by the Governing Body."

Ros Clayton, Chair of The Duston Education Trust and The Duston Governing Body

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