Learning Technologies

The Duston School believes that technology within the classroom can hold the key to outstanding progress by ensuring engagement through exciting learning resources and applications. These applications are a crucial tool in checking for understanding, extending learning to provide challenge and to familiarise students with course specifications and examination papers. At The Duston School we have invested significantly in a range of learning technologies, each designed specifically to raise student outcomes and ensure students are invested in and enjoy their learning.


Interactive Screens

Within each classroom, an interactive screen is mounted to the wall for use within every lesson. These screens are used for a wide variety of purposes, ranging from being able to annotate student work (by being sent via Wi-Fi from student iPads) as a whole class and for a range of revision games. These screens enable teachers to bring learning to life. Fully compatible with our in school iPads also allows teachers to illustrate good progress within the each lesson and identify next steps for learning.



Within each faculty in the school, banks of iPads are held for use within a classroom environment. These serve to provide students with the tools to successfully engage with learning from various different perspectives and encourage independent thought. Faculties have downloaded a range of applications that enrich and deepen the learning in their relevant subject areas. Students consistently assert that they find their ease in using modern technology assists their learning and enables them to make progress. iPads are used extensively across the school as an additional resource that accompanies rapid progress and fosters a natural curiosity for learning. The school’s DIGIT team, a group of cross-faculty representatives, continue to strive to make iPads as useful and meaningful as they can be to a student’s learning.


iRIS Connect

iRIS Connect is a secure web-based system that provides teachers with the capacity to identify best practice and purposefully reflect upon their professional practice through the filming of their lesson. The system records whole lessons, short meetings and training events that can be re-explored and reflected upon in order to continually develop outstanding levels of practice across the school. These can then be reviewed individually, or as part of a wider training event to allow practitioners to share and reflect on good practice to promote student achievement.