More Able, Gifted and Talented

The Duston School recognises its responsibilities to serve the needs of all of its pupils and to ensure that all students make rapid progress relative to their starting point. As such, the school is committed to providing extensively for those students who are recognised as More Able, Gifted and Talented (MAG&T).

Students are identified and reviewed bi-annually to ascertain whether or not they are demonstrating skills that show them to be of above expected ability for their age. They are then registered as follows:

  • Gifted are learners who have combined CAT scores of 117 and over.

  • More Able are students who do not necessarily have a combined CAT score of 117 or over but are nominated by departments for their higher abilities in particular academic subject areas.

  • Talented are students who do not necessarily have a combined CAT score of 117 or over but are nominated by departments for their talents in particular creative and practical subject areas.

  • Gifted and Talented are students who have combined CAT scores of 117 and over and are nominated as talented.

All teachers and leaders at The Duston School are committed to ensuring that this identification leads in to effective provision for MAG&T students. As such, we offer a range of opportunities to all year groups inside and out of the classroom to allow students to fulfil their potential. This provision includes:

  • Promoting the acceleration of learning and ensure that appropriate opportunities are in place for students to progress in line with their abilities rather than their age.

  • Schemes of learning to include provision for the MAG&T students, including extension activity, independent study and open ended lines of enquiry based on higher order thinking skills.

  • Lesson planning taking account of the need for challenge and a variety of learning strategies.

  • Enriching the curriculum through activities including trips, visits, master classes, evening and holiday workshops and summer schools.

  • Involving students in target-setting and self-assessment procedures that will allow them to take an increased responsibility for their learning.

  • Involving parents in the process of MAG&T provision through MAG&T Parent-Student events.

  • Encouraging aspirations and providing support for students considering and applying for Russell Group universities, including Oxford and Cambridge.

  • Working with other schools in the town and country to develop a network of opportunities for MAG&T students.

  • Identifying underachievement early on and provide extensive MAG&T mentoring for those students.


Should you have any further questions about MAG&T provision then please contact Miss K Shires at