At The Duston School we believe that learning is at the heart of everything that we do, however, it is just as important to apply learning to the professional role and development of teachers as it is to the development of our pupils. Teachers and leaders at The Duston School firmly believe in leading by example through striving to be the best that we can be.

True professional development is a systemic process that considers change over an extended period of time and takes into account all levels of the organisation. This requires teachers and leaders to carefully plan and evaluate opportunities for development in order to have a meaningful impact. As such, the defining characteristics of professional development are:

  1. It is an intentional process.

  2. It is an ongoing process.

  3. It is a systematic process.

Professional development should be viewed as an ongoing, job-embedded process. Opportunities occur every time a lesson is taught, an assessment is given, a curriculum is reviewed, a classroom activity is observed, or a conversation takes place with another colleague. We encourage staff to seize these opportunities and use them as opportunities for self-reflection and to share examples of good practice with colleagues.

It is our commitment to develop a varied and accessible menu of professional development options for both teaching and support staff. Many sessions are offered internally and facilitated through staff with good and outstanding practices in specific areas. This provides contextualised examples to improve learning and provides excellent value for money. 

Professional development opportunities are made available for all staff and are informed and planned during the Performance Management cycle in September. This makes sure that professional development is aligned with whole school and individual priorities, ensuring value for money and impact on student outcomes.

To ensure that professional development processes are intentional, it is important to:

  1. Begin with a clear statement of purpose and goals.

  2. Ensure that the goals are worthwhile.

  3. Determine how the goals can be assessed.

As school leaders we are keen to evaluate our extensive programme of PPD and are consistently modifying and adapting the PPD we provide in order to fully meet the needs of our staff and cater to the students that we teach.