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Dress Code


Sixth Form Dress Code


  • Smart office jumper or cardigan (optional)
  • Smart office jacket or blazer (optional)
  • Smart office shoes or boots (black or brown leather)
  • Smart office tailored trousers, dresses or skirts (skirts or dresses should be on or below the knee)
  • Smart office shirt /blouse/top that covers shoulders (t-shirts are not permitted)
  • Discreet jewellery (pair of earrings, single nose stud)
  • Lanyard


Dress Code Breach


  • Coats/Hats/Scarves whilst in the school building.
  • Extreme hair styles/colours.
  • Shavings/markings cut into hair or eyebrows.
  • Thin strap tops, crop tops, low cut or low back tops.
  • Excessive jewellery not permitted as above.
  • Polo shirts
  • Leggings/Jeans
  • Trainers or Converse style shoes
  • Leather or Denim Clothing
  • Large logo on jumpers or tops