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Combined Athletics Competition


Well done to all students that competed in the Combined Athletics on Monday 20th May.  

Results: -

Michael Okine - 1st 80m Hurdles

Eddie Preston/Max Todd/Lawrence Gordon - Joint 3rd High Jump

Eddie Preston - 2nd Shot Putt

Eddie Preston - 3rd Long Jump

Keiran Ashman - 1st 800m

Eddie Preston - 2nd 800m

Max Todd - 3rd 800m

Oskar Knight - 2nd Long Jump

Reality Irabor - 3rd Long Jump

Oskar Knight - 2nd Javelin

Harley Mallard - 3rd Javelin

Reality Irabor - 2nd Hurdles

Kieran Watkins - 3rd Hurdles

Reality Irabor and Oskar Knight - Joint 1st High Jump

Reality Irabor - 1st 1500m

Kieran Watkins - 2nd 1500m

Harley Mallard - 3rd 1500m

Flo Matthews - 1st Hurdles

Erika Sakka - 2nd Hurdles

Flo Matthews/Molly Pinder - Joint 1st High Jump

Flo Matthews - 2nd Shot Putt

Flo Matthews - 1st Long Jump

Flo Matthews - 2nd 800m

Erika Sakka - 3rd 800m

Ella Roxburgh - 3rd High Jump

Ella Roxburgh - 2nd Javelin


Overall Places with Points Combined from all Events, the below students will go on to represent Northamptonshire at the Counties stage in Essex.

Eddie Preston - 3rd Overall

Max Todd - 4th Overall

Flo Matthews - 1st Overall

Molly Pinder - 4th Overall

Reality Irabor - 2nd Overall

Kieran Watkins - 3rd Overall