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Coordinated Secondary Transfer September 2021

Applying for a year 7 place for entry in September 2021

The online application portal for Secondary Transfer September 2021 opens on the 10th September 2020 and closes at 5:00pm on the 31st October 2020.


Applying for a Secondary School Place in Year 7 for September 2021

Important Information for Admissions into the Secondary Phase for September 2021.

Below are the information and details of the admission criteria for students joining the secondary phase (Year 7) in September 2021. We advise all parents who are considering applying for a place for their child to read the information and criteria carefully.

Please find below the Year 7 Supplementary Form 2021 that should be completed in addition to the application to the Local Authority.

Please click here for Northamptonshire County Council website for all information on applying for Year 7 places for September 2021

Please click here for Year 7 supplementary information form 2021

Please click here for admissions criteria for Year 7 2021

If your child is unsuccessful at securing a Year 7 place at The Duston School you have the right to appeal. Appeal forms must be submitted by 5:00pm - 29th March 2021.

Please see the link below.

In-Year Admission

(In-Year admission means admission to a current year group within either the primary or secondary phase (current Reception – Year 11) for a child who is already attending school but wishes to change schools due to relocation or a change in circumstances). 

Request for in year school place – All Years


Important Information for In year Admission

We follow the Northamptonshire Co-ordinated in-year Admissions Scheme, so to apply for a place you need to fill in the Northamptonshire Admissions Form which is available on the Northamptonshire County Council Website. Please also let us know of your request via the following link so we can add you to our waiting list:

Request to join our waiting list


How our waiting list operates

We maintain our waiting list for the current academic year only. During the academic year we clear the waiting lists after the Christmas and the Easter holidays as some children may no longer require a place. To guarantee that your child’s name remains on the waiting list for the whole academic year you must re-register your waiting list request by emailing at Christmas and Easter.

Please note: The waiting list is completely cleared at the end of each academic year (31st August) and in order to add your child’s name to The Duston School waiting list for the new academic year (commencing 1st September) you must re-apply by making a new application to Northamptonshire County Council.


Offering places from the waiting list

If places become available in previously full year groups, all applicants currently on the waiting list will be considered. If there are more children on the waiting list in the relevant year group than places available the schools oversubscription criteria is applied. Available places will be assigned base on the relevant criterion to your child’s school phase.


Admission Appeals

Parents who have applied for, but have not been successful in obtaining a place for their child at our school, have the right to appeal. Information on how to appeal is available on the Northamptonshire County Council website.




Appeals need to be submitted

Primary School: No Later than 5:00pm on 14th May 2021


Secondary School: No Later than 5:00pm on 29th March 2021


In-Year Transfer: No deadline


Sixth form: Within 30 school days from the date when refused a place. 
Where offers of places are conditional upon GCSE results, appeals for admissions to 6th forms cannot be heard until after GCSE results are known.


Late appeals: No deadline

Parents' additional evidence
must be submitted

Within 10 school days of submitting their appeal by email to:

or by post to:

Appeals Team, LGSS-Demotractic Services,
Northamptonshire County Council
One Angel Square, Angel Street

Hearings take place

Primary School:

On-Time appeals will be heard within 40 school days from the closing date for lodging appeals

- by 14th May 2021


Secondary School:

On-Time appeals will be heard within 40 school days from the closing date for lodging appeals

- by 29th March 2021

In-Year Transfers:

Appeals lodged outside the normal admission round will be convened within 30 school days, following receipt

of your appeal form.

Sixth form Appeals: 

Appeals will be heard within 30 school days following confirmation of examination results, where applicable,

or otherwise within 40 school days from the date of lodging the appeal.

Late Appeals:

Late co-ordinated appeals will be heard alongside on-time appeals wherever possible.

Every effort will be made to hear late appeals before the end of the school year, but if this is not possible,

they will be convened at the earliest possible time in the new school year.

Appeals are not convened during school holidays.

Parents will receive written notification of appeal date

At least 10 school days before the date of appeal.

(You may waive your right to this notice period if it will speed up your appeal, but a quicker appeal cannot be guaranteed.)

Appeals for the same school and year group must be heard together and by the same panel.

The Clerk (or the person organising the appeal) sends appeal papers to the parents, the panel and the school

7 working days before the appeal hearing.

No further documents will be circulated after this date.

You may submit a single A4 page document at your appeal, providing you bring 5 extra copies to the appeal

and give them to the clerk for distribution.

Appeal hearing decision

Decisions will be made after all the appeals have been heard for a particular school.

Decision letters will be sent at the earliest possible time and where possible, within 5 clear working days

following decisions.

In the case of multiple appeals or in busy times, please allow up to 10 clear working days for decision letters

to be sent.


To appeal for a school place or for information on the appeals process please visit