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The Duston School have been working in consultation with the Department for Education (DFE) to support all students and families to strive for a minimum of 97% attendance to school.  The Secretary of State for Education has outlined proposals to improve attendance across all schools.

We have made a series of changes here at the school prior to these proposals being released.  Attendance to school is the biggest contributing factor behind a student fulfilling their potential when it comes to academic success.

We have listed some of the approaches The Duston School are currently undertaking:

  • A new partnership with WPA Education Welfare Service
  • A two day audit of The Duston School Attendance procedures with the view of this continuing to further refine and improve our systems
  • A new partnership with a DFE Senior Schools Consultant
  •  Appointment of x2 Educational Welfare Officers
  • The implementation of a 5 Stage attendance system to support all students striving towards 97% attendance.

As a school we believe we have the systems and support in place to ensure all students achieve a 97% attendance rate and above.  We require all families to support us to achieve this target by ensuring students attend school on a daily basis.

Our School Improvement Plan for 2022-2023 can be found below.















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