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The Duston School regards attendance as a key factor in supporting students to maximise their potential. We believe that all pupils are only able to achieve their potential if they attend school punctually and avoid missing lessons.  We thus expect pupils to achieve 100% attendance and punctuality. Individual pupil records prove that this is achievable. Punctuality to school is crucial to create a calm and purposeful atmosphere and students who are persistently late often disrupt their own and others’ learning. We expect pupils to arrive on time for learning.

A pupils progress is severely hampered if regular attendance to school is not maintained. To illustrate:

·        90% attendance is an average of one day out of school per fortnight over a school year.

·        90% attendance over 5 years at secondary school is half a school year missed.

·        80% attendance over 5 years at secondary school is the same as one whole school year missed.

How to find out your child’s attendance?

Within Class Charts you can monitor present, late, authorised absence and unauthorised absence.  We suggest all secondary pupils arrive by 8.20am.

We want all pupils to become the very best edit of themselves her at The Duston School, ensuring good attendance allows your child the very best chance of this happening. If you have noticed any errors with any attendance codes please contact the school via

Consistent Attendance and Academic Success 

Regular attendance is crucial for a child’s academic success. It allows pupils to take full advantage of educational opportunities, helping them build a strong foundation of knowledge and skills. Missing school means missing out on lessons, which can lead to gaps in learning and lower academic performance.

Social and Emotional Development 

School is not just about academics; it’s also a vital social environment. Regular attendance helps students develop essential social skills, build lasting friendships, and learn important life lessons such as teamwork, responsibility, and communication.

Establishing Routines 

Regular school attendance also helps children establish good habits and routines. It teaches them the importance of punctuality and responsibility, traits that are valuable in both their personal lives and future careers.

School Support 

We understand that circumstances may sometimes prevent a child from attending school. In such cases, we encourage you to communicate with us so we can provide necessary support and resources to ensure your child stays on track with their learning. 

We have a new Attendance Educational Welfare Officer and an additional representative from WPA Attendance services starting after half term.  This is an investment from the school to offer support for families.

We appreciate your support in ensuring your child attends school regularly. Together, we can provide them with the best opportunities for success.

How to report a child’s attendance?

We ask all parents to report any absences via the Class Charts app.

How we monitor your child’s attendance?

Pre-Stage: Universal Support

Stage 1 – Monitoring


Threshold: up to 10 sessions

(5 days)


Expect Good Attendance

Stage 2 – Attendance Surgery


Threshold: 20 sessions

(10 days)


Early Intervention / Targeted Support

Stage 3 – Parent Contract


Threshold: 30 sessions

(15 days)


Targeted Support / Facilitated & Formalised Support

Stage 4 – WPA / Local Authority 


Threshold: 40 sessions

(20 days)


Facilitated & Formalised Support / Statutory Intervention

Stage 5 – Legal Proceedings




Formalised Support

Statutory Intervention


Leave of Absence Request Form

If you wish to request a special leave of absence, for example to attend a funeral, you will need to complete the form below: 

Exceptional Request for Leave Form

This must be completed well in advance. The final decision whether to approve will be made by the Principal.  Please email this form to

The Duston School does not authorise any holidays taken during term time and this will be recorded as unauthorised.