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Chestnut House

September has started, and that means all our new Chestnut members have been welcomed into our House. All Chestnut members who have brothers or sisters at the school are automatically placed into the same house. A great way to encourage each other inside and outside of school.

Chestnut Motto

Our motto is ‘Determination today leads to success tomorrow.’ This motto is the very building blocks on which we all start out. Determination to succeed in everything we put our minds to. Success is measured by determination, and sometimes, this means trying harder or trying again.  Remember that with determination, success will follow.

How success is measured in Chestnut House

Achievement points are issued to all pupils who have shown they are hardworking, helpful and kind to others. Once a week, Mrs Robinson visits the classrooms to celebrate all the hard work that is recognised by achievement points and shares in their success.

All members of staff have the chance to award the ‘golden token’ to pupils who have displayed outstanding behaviour or success through their class work. The ‘Golden Token’ is worth an amazing 50 achievement points, and is a truly magnificent token to be given.

How do we celebrate the winners?

Last year’s winners, the pupils with the highest amount of achievement points, were lucky enough to take part in a circus skills event - a reward for their hard work throughout the year.