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Secondary Extra-Curricular Clubs – Term 5 & 6

Please find below our programme of extra-curricular clubs for Terms 5 & 6 starting Monday 15th April. If your child would like to attend a club please click the following link: TDS Extra-Curricular Booking Page.

You must re sign your child up each term to enable them to attend, the booking page will open on Thursday 28th March at 18:00pm and will remain open for the duration of the term until all places have been taken. 

All secondary clubs will start and finish at the following times:

Monday - 3:20pm until 4:30pm

Tuesday - Friday 2:50pm until 4:00pm

We hope that your child will be able to benefit from the extra-curricular clubs that we are able to offer. If you require any support with making a booking or have any further questions regarding our extra-curricular provision please email:

Day Club Venue Staff Year Group
Monday  Year 7 & 8 Boys Cricket Field Mr Wood Years 7 & 8
Monday  Year 9 & 10 Boys Cricket Field Mr Robinson Years 9 & 10 
Monday  Book Club  Library  Mrs Robinson  Years 10, 11, 12 & 13
Tuesday Athletics Field PE Staff All Years
Wednesday  Years 7 & 8 Girls Rounders Field Mrs Freeman Years 7 & 8
Wednesday  Years 9 & 10 Girls Rounders Field Mr Goodridge Years 9 & 10 
Wednesday  Book Club  Library  Mrs Lacey Years 7, 8 & 9
Thursday  Warhammer G14 Mr Wise  All Years 
Thursday  Boys Softball Field Mr Barker Years 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 & 13
Thursday  Tennis Courts Mr Wood All Years 
Friday  Girls Cricket  Field Miss Lynch All Years 
Friday  Chess Club  F50 Mr Dunkley Year 12 & 13
Friday  Duke of Edinburgh G120 Mrs Freeman Invite Only