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The Duston Education Trust Members (TDET)
  • Joe McCann
  • Brenda Bignold
  • Sarb Gherra
  • Cath Kitchen
TDS Governors
  • Sam Strickland
  • Joe McCann (Chair)
  • Gabrielle Knowlton-Maile
  • Monica Pruthi
  • Lester Martin
  • Emma Hopkins
  • Adam Crawte
  • Cath Kitchen
  • Tim Marston
  • Nik Patel
  • Pippa Gilbert
  • Kirsty Powell 
  • Dan Rogers 

Clerk: Clerk to the School 
Address: The Duston Education Trust, Berrywood Road, Duston, Northampton, NN5 6XA

The Governing Body has 2 committees, with the following membership:


Resources and Audit Committee Meeting
  • Sue Connor
  • Joe McCann
  • Gabrielle Knowlton-Maile
  • Monica Pruthi​​​​​​ (Chair)
  • Sam Strickland


Standards Committee
  • Adam Crawte (Chair)
  • Lester Martin
  • Emma Hopkins
  • Sam Strickland

Please use the links provided below. 

If you would like a copy of one of these policies, please contact the Academy. 

TDS Governance Documents 


Articles of Association

School Funding Agreement

Trust Delegation Policy

Register of Business and Pecuniary Interests

Gender Pay Gap Reports

Gender Pay Gap - 2020

Gender Pay Gap - 2021

Gender Pay Gap - 2022

Meeting Attendance Records

Meeting Attendance Record 2020-21

Meeting Attendance Record 2021-22

Trustees Report and Financial Statements

Trustees Report and Financial Statement 2020