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Governance Members

The Duston Education Trust Members (TDET)
  • Joe McCann
  • Brenda Bignold
  • Sarb Gherra
  • Cath Kitchen
TDS Governors
  • Sam Strickland
  • Joe McCann (Chair)
  • Monica Pruthi
  • Lester Martin
  • Emma Hopkins
  • Adam Crawte
  • Cath Kitchen
  • Tim Marston
  • Nik Patel
  • Pippa Gilbert
  • Kirsty Powell 
  • Dan Rogers 
  • Matthew Golby

Clerk: Clerk to the School 
Address: The Duston Education Trust, Berrywood Road, Duston, Northampton, NN5 6XA

The Governing Body has 2 committees, with the following membership:


Resources and Audit Committee Meeting
  • Sue Connor
  • Joe McCann
  • Monica Pruthi​​​​​​ (Chair)
  • Sam Strickland


Standards Committee
  • Adam Crawte (Chair)
  • Lester Martin
  • Emma Hopkins
  • Sam Strickland

Please use the links provided below. 

If you would like a copy of one of these policies, please contact the Academy. 

TDS Governance Documents 


Articles of Association

School Funding Agreement

Trust Delegation Policy

Register of Interest Log 2021/22

Register of Interest Log 2022/23

Gender Pay Gap Reports

Gender Pay Gap - 2020

Gender Pay Gap - 2021

Gender Pay Gap - 2022

Meeting Attendance Records

Meeting Attendance Record 2020-21

Meeting Attendance Record 2021-22

Trustees Report and Financial Statements

Trustees Report and Financial Statement 2020