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Home Learning (Homework)


The Duston School believes that homework extends learning beyond the classroom and that homework serves at least one of three purposes: to consolidate learning from a specific lesson or topic, to prepare students for new learning or to independently reflect on their learning from a lesson or topic.


The Duston School expects that homework will be set three times per half term, roughly once a fortnight, by all members of staff as a means of extending learning beyond the classroom. Homework tasks are contained within the knowledge organisers for each subject, these will be given out in lessons along with the three deadlines for each half term. The knowledge organisers can be found here:

Knowledge Organisers

Classroom teachers are responsible for monitoring the completion of homework and set appropriate sanctions if it is not completed or not completed to an appropriate standard. Pupils will receive a behaviour point if they do not complete their homework. Parents can request to see a child’s behaviour log by contacting their child’s tutor.

Quality Assurance

To quality assure homework effectively, Directors of Learning within each area of study will conduct quality-assurance checks as part of the whole school quality assurance schedule. A member of SLT will also have responsibility to quality assure the amount of homework set, the quality of set homework and respond to or seek student and parent voice regarding homework.