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Oak House

Our motto “Through devotion unto fulfilment” is the foundation on which we build our values in Oak House. We truly believe that if you are dedicated at something then success will follow.  We encourage participation in as many activities as possible and reward the engagement that students in the Oak House demonstrate.

How do we celebrate our success?

Determination leads to success. Success is rewarded through house points which students aspire to accumulate throughout the year; every house point that a student acquires goes to their respective house’s overall total so it really is a collective effort.  Students have the capacity to be recognised and rewarded for whatever they are talented at; however, sheer hard work and determination does not go unnoticed either. Once a term, we, as Oak, meet in a special house assembly.  All Oaks from year 7 up to year 13 are warmly welcomed into a special awards assembly exclusively for our house. Here we listen to music played by our creative pupils, read work that must be recognised as outstanding and celebrate all achievements of our Oak pupils through the academic term. There is a real sense of community and belonging in these assemblies, and the pride that pours from the pupils is always a termly highpoint.

How else do we create a sense of community?

Our house charity is ‘The Cynthia Spencer Hospice’, voted for by Oak pupils last year. Throughout the year, fundraising events take place for our chosen charity. The major fundraising effort last year was a Cake Sale that coincided with the student show case event.  The involvement from the students was fantastic with a lovely supportive atmosphere. Last year we raised over £100 in the cake sale. An impressive amount for a good cause.

To add to the community spirit, and to create a real sense of competition, there are house events, which run every second Friday in the Library. The four houses are encouraged to take part, and the competition is high! Quizzes, debates, sporting challenges and creative activities take place at these events, so there is something for everyone throughout the term. Pupils who attend these events really enjoy them, and the competitive streak in human nature rises to the surface when members from other houses all take part. A great skill for life, extra-curricular activities help to build on the growth and development of all pupils.

Student Showcase

At the end of the academic year, we celebrate students’ successes through a ‘Student Showcase’. The event allows for students to submit creative pieces of work that are then judged and voted for by their fellow students.  To add to this, students performed dance and musical routines at break and lunch time to add to the atmosphere.  It was fantastic to see so many students celebrating and voting for each other’s work; I am sure that it will continue to be a success for years to come.

Oak Student Council

Meetings held throughout the year with pupils who belong to the Oak Council. Students on the Oak House Council were voted for by their fellow students.  It is an opportunity to for me to meet with the students from across the school (from Year 7 to Year 13) and for me to hear what they would like to happen in the school.  It gives students much more of a sense of ownership over their school and allows their voices to be heard.