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Oak House

 In Oak house, we aim to build a real sense of community fostered in mutual respect. Students from Year 7 all the way up to Year 13 work together to collect house points whilst being in friendly competition with the other houses. We work hard individually but also work as part of a team for a collective goal.

Oak House Motto

Our motto “Through devotion unto fulfilment” is the foundation on which we build our values in Oak House. We truly believe that if you are dedicated at something then success will follow.  We encourage participation in as many activities as possible and reward the engagement that students in the Oak House demonstrate.

How do we celebrate our success?

Determination leads to success. Success is rewarded through house points which students aspire to accumulate throughout the year; every house point that a student acquires goes to their respective house’s overall total so it really is a collective effort.  Students have the capacity to be recognised and rewarded for whatever they are talented at; however, sheer hard work and determination does not go unnoticed either. Once a term we, as Oak, meet in a special house assembly.  All Oak students from Year 7 up to Year 13 are warmly welcomed into a special awards assembly exclusively for our house. Here we aim to celebrate all of the achievements of our Oak pupils throughout the academic term. There is a real sense of community and belonging in these assemblies, and the pride that pours from the pupils is always a termly highpoint.

How else do we create a sense of community?

Throughout the year, we run weekly house competitions which helps bring together students from all different houses and helps to build some friendly competition.  The topics of the competitions vary but have been based on quizzes, crafts, sports, games and a variety of others.  Students enjoy these events and are able to work in a collaborative manner with other students which helps to build a sense of community.

Moreover, all students are rewarded for reaching different house point milestones which, again, helps to encourage friendly competition as well as serving to reward students for their hard work.

Oak House Voice

Students from all four houses meet fortnightly to discuss their opinions on the school and ways that it could be improved.  These students are the voice of their peers; they listen to their peers and present their opinions as well as their own.  The house voice meetings are chaired by the house captain and vice-captain to ensure that voices from Year 7 all the year to Year 13 are heard.  Each term, students then meet with Mr Strickland to ensure that their voices can have a real impact on the school.