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Our Vision

Knowing the individual is at the heart of our vision. The Duston Education Trust (TDET) is a trust that cares, builds possibilities and potential, and nurtures what learners are and what they can become.

At TDET, we expect the best of everyone.  We recognise the transformative power of self-belief, and our children are happy, confident, resilient and self-critical. There are no short cuts and no excuses.  We value hard work, determination and ambition, acknowledging and celebrating the variety of ways in which learners can be excellent.  We undertake all our work with professionalism, honesty and integrity. A strong moral compass underpins all our work.

We have an inherent belief in the following:

1.  Everyone is a leader.

2.  Creating a can-do, solution focused culture.

3.  Doing it and having impact - make a difference.

4.  Attention to detail - follow up and follow through.

5.  Understanding that making mistakes is okay - what’s important is how we learn from them.

6.  Being outward thinking - adopt a mindset of restless excellence.