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PE Department – Philosophy and approach

The core aims of the PE department are to:

  1. Promote a lifelong love of physical activity.
  2. Develop an appreciation of the contribution of physical activity to a healthy, active lifestyle.
  3. Foster personal and social skills for use in all aspects of life.
  4. Support all students in maximising their sporting potential as a performer.

All lessons will address both performance aims and broader educational values including social and cultural aspects, thinking and analytical skills, personal development.

Curriculum Offer and key information
Key Stage 3 Curriculum Offer

Students in Year 7, 8 and 9 will have two core PE lessons per week in which they will follow a broad and balanced programme of study:

Activities in key stage 3 include:

Football/Netball, Athletics, Cricket, Fitness, Rugby, Tennis, Basketball, Outdoor and Adventurous Activities, Table Tennis, Dance, Leadership, Gymnastics, Rounders and Badminton.


Key Stage 4/5 Core Curriculum Offer

Students in Year 10 and 11 will have one core PE lesson per week.

Activities in key stage 4 include:

Football/Netball, Athletics, Cricket, Rugby, Basketball, Table Tennis, Hockey, Trampolining, Volleyball and Dodgeball.

Years 10/11/12/13 students will have one lesson of core physical education per week.

Activities in key stage 4 include Fitness, Transferable Skills, Football, Netball, Softball, Athletics, Volleyball, Badminton, Dodgeball, Basketball and Trampolining.


Key Stage 4 Examination PE Offer

Students who choose to study PE/Sport will complete the BTEC First Award in Sport. They will have three lessons per week in year 10 and two lessons per week in year 11 which are both theory and practically based.

The course will be assessed through written coursework assignments, practical video evidence and one externally assessed exam.

Students complete the following four units over the two years.

Year 10:  Unit 1:  Fitness for Sport and Exercise (online exam), Unit 2:  Practical Performance in Sport (Practical evidence and written coursework) and Unit 5: The Sports Performer in Action (written coursework)

Year 11: Unit 3:  Applying the Principles of Personal Training (Synoptic unit – written coursework)

Current year 10 students will have three lessons per week completing the BTEC First Award in Sport.

Current year 11 students will have three lessons per week completing either GCSE PE/BTEC First Award in Sport.

Key Stage 5 Examination PE Offer

Students who choose to continue their studies in Post 16 will complete the BTEC Extended Certificate in Sport.

Students will study:

Year 12:  Unit 1:  Principles of Anatomy and Physiology in Sport (written exam) and Unit 3:  Professional Development in the Sports Industry (internal coursework).

Year 13: Unit 2:  The Physiology of Fitness (written exam based on case study) and one further optional unit.

Learners will produce a portfolio of work to demonstrate their knowledge, understanding and skills for each assessed unit. The course will be assessed through written coursework assignments and two external assessments (including an written and an externally set task based on a case study). Learners will need to demonstrate a high level of independence and organisation to ensure assignment deadlines are met.

PE Kit

All students in key stage 3 and 4 are required to wear the appropriate Duston School PE kit.

The uniform PE kit required includes:

  • Blue school PE t-shirt
  • Blue school PE Rugby top/Black school Tracksuit top (Girls)
  • Black school PE shorts
  • Black school tracksuit bottoms/plain black leggings (Girls)
  • Blue school PE Football socks
  • White sports socks
  • Non-marking trainers

Students will also require further kit dependent on activities:

  • Football boots (Football/Rugby)
  • Shin pads (Football)
  • Gum shield (advisable for Rugby and Hockey)

Students in key stage 5 are required to wear appropriate sportswear to take part in their core PE lessons.

All Students are expected to bring their PE kit to all core PE lessons, but are not required to wear uniform PE kit. 

If your son/daughter is injured or unwell, please communicate this to their PE teacher by email or written note. Where possible the PE teacher will then adapt the lesson for your child so that they can still take part through coaching, umpiring or observational roles.

Future Careers

The study of Physical Education provides a stepping-stone towards a number of further education and career opportunities. These include:

  • Teaching/Lecturing – Primary and Secondary PE/Sport and further education.
  • Professional Sports Athlete.
  • Health – Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation, Psychology, Nutritionist, Fitness Instructor.
  • Media – Sports Journalism, Sports Photography, Presenting & Commentary, Statistical Analysis.
  • Coaching – Sports Instructor, Sports Coach.
  • Travel & Tourism.
  • Events/Planning and Hospitality.
  • Officiating – Refereeing/Umpiring.
  • Community Work – Local Sports Authorities, Local Associations.
  • National Governing Bodies.