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Our Uniform  

The Duston School uniform is integral to our approach. Pupils should wear their uniform with pride, signifying that they are ready to learn. Our uniform approach promotes inclusivity and supports our purposeful learning environment. It is one of the outward signs by which the local community recognises and makes judgements about the pupils. It is important for pupils and the school that the way pupils present themselves is positive and acceptable and supports a well ordered and smart establishment. It is expected that all pupils will come to The Duston School every day correct uniform as we want our students take pride and belonging to the school. The support of parents in ensuring this is expected. These items listed form the regulation Duston School uniform and must be worn on a daily basis. Items marked with an asterix must be purchased from the school uniform stockist.

Primary Phase – Autumn/Winter

  • The Duston School (Primary Phase) navy jumper*
  • Pale blue polo shirt
  • Navy pinafore dress or skirt with navy tights or under the knee socks
  • Black trousers with black/grey ankle socks
  •            Shoes should be plain black and a low supportive style. Training Shoes of any type are not allowed apart from PE lessons
  • The Duston School or plain blue book bag*


Primary Phase – Summer

  •            Pale blue checked summer dresses with white ankle socks. Ankle socks may be trimmed with blue
  •            May continue to wear long black trousers or may wear grey just above the knee shorts.


Secondary Phase

  • The Duston School black blazer with school badge plus year colour flash*
  • The Duston School V necked sleeveless jumper with school badge*
  • Years 7 to 10 to wear a sky blue shirt, Year 11 to wear a white shirt
  • Black school skirt of free flowing nature (from uniform shop*) or black trousers
  • Flat, black leather shoes that can be polished, are not patent or suede, and have a rigid sole. Training shoes of any type are not allowed apart from PE lessons.
  • The allocated house badge
  • The TDS book bag must be in school on the student every day for Knowledge Organisers and pencil cases
  • Pupils are only permitted to wear one item of jewellery, eg one set of earrings, one ring, one bracelet. Nose piercings are not permissible and pupils should wear a retainer.


Post 16

  • Office attire – The full Sixth Form dress code can be found on the school website

Physical Education Uniform

It is essential that pupils arrive to PE lessons equipped for learning with the correct uniform in order to participate safely in the specific activity being taught.

The PE uniform policy is available on the website and specifies the appropriate uniform for PE lessons for all pupils. In order to ensure pupils are equipped for learning in PE lessons, the following system is in place when pupils to do not arrive with their correct uniform without a valid reason:

All pupils should participate in PE lessons, in the full correct attire (unless there is a medical exemption). Failure to bring a PE kit to school and engage with PE will result in the following:

A behaviour point (BP) will be issued on each occasion, but escalation of sanctions as follows:

  • 1st offence – BP
  • 2nd offence – BP
  • 3rd offence – 20min detention
  • 4th offence – 40min detention
  • 5th offence – 60min detention
  • 6th offence – 90min SLT detention

TDS PE uniform – Secondary phase

Item Guidance
TDS royal blue polo shirt This is a logoed item available from Stevensons school wear
TDS royal blue sweatshirt

This is a logoed item available from Stevensons school wear.

(A plain black sweatshirt may be worn as an alternative, but no hoods or tassels)

Plain black shorts Loose fitting. No cycling or lycra style shorts. Fully opaque.
Plain black tracksuit bottoms or leggings Appropriate for sport and fully opaque.
Plain royal blue football socks For use in winter games e.g. football
Plain white sports socks For use in the summer and indoor activities.
Shin pads For use in football and hockey.
Trainers Indoor and outdoor use. Casual and fashion trainers should be avoided.

The TDS polo shirt with school logo is available from Stevensons school wear only. All plain items may be purchased from the supplier of your choice. However, Stevensons school wear continue to provide high quality garments which are recommended for purchase as they have been specifically selected to meet the demands of the PE curriculum.