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Whenever anyone is worried about a child, for example a teacher or health visitor, they will make a referral to the team at the Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH).

The MASH team brings together staff and information from the following agencies within Northamptonshire:

  • Probation Service
  • Police
  • Health
  • Fire and Rescue Service
  • Education
  • East Midlands Ambulance Service
  • Early Help Team
  • Domestic Abuse Advisor
  • Crime Reduction Initiative
  • Children's Social Care
  • Youth Offending Team 

The MASH team are able to identify risks to and needs of children at the earliest possible point and respond with the most effective, joined up actions.

The aim of the MASH is to make the right decisions for the right families at the right time. 

Children and young people may come to the attention of the MASH team because:

  • A parent or carer may have requested support directly.
  • A professional may feel that a family need help or support.
  • A child or their family come into contact with the police.
  • A child tells someone about abuse, either physical, sexual or emotional.

When a child is referred, the case is assigned to a professional group within the MASH who will gather any information about the child/family as quickly as possible.


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