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Welcome to The Duston School, which is of The Duston Education Trust (TDET). As principal I take great pride in leading the school and supporting your son/daughter in their educational journey. The school mantra, 'Knowledge itself is power' sits at the core of my own educational philosophy and influences all that we do as a school. As a staffing body we really do seek to get to know our students. I also firmly believe, as a parent myself, that if something is not good enough for my children then it certainly is not good enough for yours. As a parent your children are central to your life and, as a school, they carry just as much importance to us.

‘Our core aim is to help students climb the tree of knowledge so they can access University, Higher Education, Employment or an Apprenticeship and be the very best edit of themselves.’ All students are inspired to Dream – Believe – Achieve.

TDS is a unique 4-19 mixed school. It is a high performing, successful and oversubscribed school of some 1500+ students with a secondary phase, thriving Sixth Form, and a recently opened primary phase. Our facilities are truly outstanding, including extensive sports grounds, a swimming pool and state of the art purpose built curriculum suites including a designated Sixth Form area. Learning here has never been more exciting.

We believe that TDS should provide our young people with both the currency and character to succeed. We work relentlessly to nurture our students to unlock and achieve their potential. Our students are actively encouraged to make a valuable contribution to society and thrive in a mutually supportive environment. All of our students are educated to enter the adult world with a strong moral compass, a real sense of resilience and to be armed with the key transferable skills that will allow them to succeed in an ever changing and fast paced globalised labour market. Our innovative curriculum enables them to gain the highest qualifications, acquire flexible life-long learning skills, and be ready to act responsibly as global citizens. We also promote the social, moral, spiritual and cultural development of our pupils, including a recognition and understanding of Fundamental British Values. 

A key factor in ensuring your son/daughter is successful at The Duston School is the level of overall co-operation and communication between the parental body and the school. We will endeavour to communicate successes, both holistically and on an individual student level, whenever we can. Underpinning all that we do are incredibly high expectations and we will, via an array of channels, directly communicate any issues with you. A crucial person in your child’s school career is their form tutor and I would encourage all parents to develop a professional working relationship with this key advocate for your child.

TDS is very successful in many diverse ways. For all the very latest news, events, calendar dates and further information about our school, please visit other pages on this website, and don’t forget to sign up to our Twitter and Facebook accounts. The best way to find out about our school is to come and see for yourself. Our doors are always open, and we would be delighted to share our experience and time with you.

Mr S Strickland Principal