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House System

House System

Primary and Secondary Houses

Every pupil, from the Primary Phase through to the Sixth Form, is a member of a ‘House’ in which they remain throughout their education.
There are four Houses at The Duston School and points are collated throughout the academic year. 

The reasons why we have implemented a house system.  

  • Opportunities for increased competition.
  • Student focus- each student is treated as an individual.
  • Increased respect, courtesy and consideration amongst the student body.
  •  A greater sense of allegiance to your peers and your house.  
  • Promotion of student voice, responsibility, team skills, leadership and co-operation.
  • Development personal, social skills and well-being of all students.  
  • Recognition for hard work and application.
  • Increased community cohesion.
  • Students are rewarded through the bronze, silver, gold and platinum awards.  

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